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Office Cleaning

A disorderly office makes it harder for employees to focus on their tasks and get work done on time. In most, if not all,  cases it can even be considered a safety hazard. This is why you’ll want to hire Magic Star Cleaning Services's reliable office cleaning team as soon as possible to take care of the unwanted clutter. Doing so will likely raise productivity, make a safe environment to be in, and will certainly make the place look nicer and more welcoming.

Post Construction

When you just finished doing construction in your house, it is important to clean the mess up. There are debris that can put you at risk or objects that are blocking the final result of the place. For this project, you can consider working with us.

Magic Star Cleaning
Magic Star Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning

If every cleaning company in Columbus, OH has failed to provide your property with a thorough deep cleaning, don't hesitate to give it one more try with us,  Magic Star Cleaning Services to come to the rescue.


Whether you opt for our home, condo, or apartment cleaning, the process remains the same. We clean the kitchen, including the oven and refrigerator. We dust the whole house, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors of the bathrooms, and clean the windows to a spotless shine, and so much more to assure your 100% satisfaction!

Pressure Washing

The build up of algae, mildew and dirt can degrade the exterior or roof of your home or commercial property! 

Don't worry, give us a call and let us help you to get ride of it and give a better look to your exteriors!

Magic Star Cleaning
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